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Home»Nutrients»Multi-Part Nutrients»BC Boost 1 Liter
BC Boost 1 Liter
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BC Boost 1 Liter
Product Id: nut013
Price: $19.95
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BC Boost 1 Liter
Technaflora introduces a way to have a superior hydroponic crop in two simple steps. Use B.C. Bloom (1-4-7) in the tested and proven mixing ratios printed on every label for optimal growth and maximum yield. Unlike some other three-part nutrients, B.C. Nutrients are easy to mix and control because you use just two parts (Grow and Boost or Bloom and Boost) during any growth stage. Bloom is a fully-balanced formula containing all the essential elements and micronutrients. B.C. formulas are pH balanced, reducing need for pH adjustments. With B.C. Hydroponic Nutrients there are no secrets, and no guessing!
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